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I"m a very easy going guy that is always horny and absolutely LOVE naturally hairy men! My "type" doesn't seem to attract the type of man that I like. I suppose I look too "clean-cut", but there is a side to me that many don't take the time to realize exists! Although I LOVE a loving, compassionate union, I do enjoy wild and dirty fun as well! 7/9/13: That being said, I have to say that I WILL NOT accept your friend request if you have a blank profile pic and no photos or videos of yourself. I, at least, have photos of myself and have posted some videos (lame as they may be). I get tired of people that want to "friend", when all they have are regurgitated videos that any one of us can view or download. Why not share a photo or two...at least! So,...

  • Name: cpmacias
  • Gender: Male
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  • Sex Preference: Gay
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